I am the Unapologetic Celiac. Diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 2 and a half years ago (February 3rd 2015 to be exact) I began my journey living gluten free in an attempt to heal my body from the years of damage caused by a gluten-packed diet. It can be a struggle at the best of times and what better way to document my experiences not only surviving as a celiac but thriving than on a blog. The thriving part is hopefully yet to come, I’m afraid that I am still half-surviving at the current moment *readjusts heating pad from tummy*. The unapologetic part is also hopeful future planning (I sense a theme here!) as I am constantly feeling bad for the way I feel people are being “put out” by my dietary needs. But WHY? Aren’t I the one being put out by eating foods that are slowly destroying my body? (By put out in this sense could mean literally flat on my face on the floor for the next 4 days so you take your pick).

So if you’re a celiac workin’ hard or hardly workin’ to make the gluten-free life bearable, you are most warmly welcomed to join in the discussion and share your stories along with struggles, misery and down right “WHY ME?” moments. NO DETAILS ARE TOO TERRIFYING FOR PEOPLE TOUGH ENOUGH TO BE A CELIAC.

And with that, welcome welcome welcome celiacs, I bid you a lovely gluten-free stay here at The Thriving Celiac.

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