Judge me if you must. 

I find it interesting that with every single person I encounter and grow closer to over time, they each have their own individual view about my celiac disease and the fact that I live 100% gluten-free. I know you’re probably thinking that this shouldn’t be so surprising. Everyone is different after all and you can’t expect everyone to have the exact same opinion. But hold on a second, the key question here is…did I ask? Did I ask you whether you understand the incredible pain I’ve been in for the last 4 year? Did I ask you for your medical expertise on the gluten-free diet and whether its “actually necessary”? Well, unless I blacked out or had some sort of lapse in judgement, I don’t believe I did ask you.

I think everyone living gluten-free has encountered this at some point since their diagnosis but it still baffles me every time as to why people feel that its their business or that I’m somehow in need of their obvious knowledge (yes, sarcasm) of my health issues. Maybe I’m too sensitive, but am I really? I guess it’s  all a matter of opinion and yes, some people look at gluten-free diet as a fad, but the thing is, I’m not on a gluten-free diet, I’m living a gluten-free life. The health and weight loss experts always talk about the difference between diet and lifestyle and I’m sorry to say that I’ve finally accepted that they’re right. It applies to living gluten-free too. A diet implies that it will end at some point or that you’re eating a certain way to reach some sort of short-term goal, but in reality, health is a long term goal and it truly takes a long time for your body to heal from gluten. I never thought that my lifestyle would change so drastically over the last 8 months or so since my diagnosis, but “you gotta do what you gotta do” as they say. This can be a major life transition and who needs to be given opinions (uneducated opinions might I add) about how you need to take care of you. 

I guess it’s just another annoyance, but sucks for the people who judge because they will never have an excuse to eat those delicious gluten free brownies we all have stored away on the top shelf. HA 

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